This is the largest gathering of angel investors in the world –
and you can’t afford to miss it

Angel investors change the world, one company at a time.

Angels inject capital into startup companies at the earliest stages, in exchange for ownership equity or convertible securities. These investors provide more than just funding, though – they’re focused on mentoring entrepreneurs as their companies take their first steps, establish their market strategies, and hire their first leadership teams. Angel support is invaluable to the startup ecosystem, fostering innovation and economic growth in communities all over the world. Learn more about the basics of angel investing here

If you’re an accredited investor* who’s ready to learn more about this rewarding, empowering style of investing, we have the perfect way to immerse yourself in this growing community. Give us four days; we’ll give you the head start you need toward your goal of building a successful portfolio.

If you’re an experienced angel, you already know how important it is to do your research, learn from experts in different fields, consider new ideas and lessons learned, and increase your access to deal flow. Join us in Denver, and you’ll walk away with more than a stack of business cards – you’ll make meaningful connections with people who can help you grow. 

ACA 2020 - The Summit of Angel Investing Isn’t an Event – It’s an Experience

Angel investors make difficult decisions using imperfect information. It’s a risky style of investing, but the returns can be rewarding – if you have access to good deal flow, paired with the knowledge to help you make smart decisions. 

ACA 2020 - The Summit of Angel Investing is where connections are made, and opportunities are discovered. The conference features dozens of sessions, led by real-world experts, covering topics that matter:

  • Established investment approaches and smart selection practices
  • Avoiding common and not-so-common early stage investing mistakes
  • Knowing when to say “yes” to a promising deal
  • Recognizing realistic exit strategies
  • Increasing deal flow and diversifying your portfolio
  • Using tax incentives to keep more of your money
  • An all-new ACA Angel University at the 2020 Summit on May 11-12 with a focused track introducing the fundamentals of angel investing, due diligence, and valuation (separate registration required)

The Angel Capital Association (ACA) Helps Good People (and Good Companies) Grow

Angel investing is risky, rewarding, and a little intimidating. If you’re on the steep side of the learning curve, or if you’re looking for ways to increase deal flow and maximize returns, we can help.


ACA is the largest angel investor professional development organization in the world. The membership includes over 14,000 angels who invest individually or through 250+ angel groups, online platforms, and family offices, representing a collective investment portfolio of more than 90,000 entrepreneurial firms. Through ACA’s angel groups, members work side by side with other motivated, successful angels to identify prospective investments, conduct due diligence research, mentor and advise early stage companies, and enhance local startup ecosystems.

ACA’s flagship event – ACA 2020 - The Summit of Angel Investing – brings more than 700 dynamic, diverse angel investors together from all over the world to discuss smart strategies for increasing returns and bringing more value to startups and entrepreneurs.

The all-new ACA Angel University, held just before the Summit, features tracks to fit the needs of all angels:

Registration for ACA Angel University at the 2020 Summit is separate from conference registration, and angels are invited to participate in multiple tracks based on interests and needs.

Interested in learning more about angel investing?

Get the insider’s view of real-world angel investments, including investment amounts and returns, how many angels invested in each deal, experience levels of startup CEOs, and much more. The Angel Funders Report includes data and insights from 1,170 investments in 68 different angel groups – and it’s a powerful tool for considering your future portfolio.

*The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines an "accredited investor" as one with a net worth of $1M in assets or more (excluding the person’s primary residence), or having earned $200k in income for the previous 2 years ($300k for married couples), with a reasonable expectation of reaching the same income threshold in the current year.