ACA 2020 – The Summit of Angel Investing Access Pass

Experience expert-led sessions focused on topics that matter!  On-demand access to top insights, on your schedule:

What’s included in the ACA 2020 – The Summit of Angel Investing Access Pass?  These dynamic sessions delivered timely and timeless insights, all crafted to help you become a more successful angel:

Keynote Sessions:

  • Vision Critical – Breaking News With the SEC: Martha Miller, Office of the Advocate for Small Business Capital Formation discusses how COVID-19 is impacting raising capital, crowdfunding, and strategies to bridge networks.
  • General Magic Film Discussion with Award-Winning Filmmakers Michael Stern, Sarah Kerruish, and Matt Maude: General Magic, tells a true story about the rise and fall of tech startups, teaching us valuable lessons about timing, leadership, and strategy.
  • One World, Many Opportunities: Cultivating economic stability in impoverished countries could truly change the course of human history. Jonathan Ortmans, president of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), talked about the inspiring risk-takers who are creating jobs and advancing innovation in places where its desperately needed.
  • Data Driven Model to Cure Walking Dead: Leveraging insights from nearly 2,500 entrepreneurs from around the country, Charles Fred will share research uncovering five operating conditions necessary for post-startups to achieve consistent and sustainable growth.
  • Great Expectations – A Tale of Two Futures: Leverage insights from top futurists, Professor William E. Halal and Laura Burney Nissen in a unique panel discussion and “scenario planning” workshop, featuring discussion on these trending topics.
  • A Different Shade of Green: Opportunities in Cannabis Investing with Lindy Snider: If you have ever considered investing in this interesting, high-growth market, you will not want to miss your chance to learn from one of the best in the business.

Roundtables, Breakouts and All Sessions:

  • Hot Topic - What's an SBIC (Small Business Development Corporation) and Why Angels Should Care
  • Hot Topic - 2 Things Your Patent Attorney Will Never Tell You
  • What Next, What Now?  Reading Futures Signals - Prof. Laura Burney Nissen
  • What Next, What Now? Reading Futures Signals - Professor William E. Halal
  • ACA Leading the Way
  • Difference Makers and Risk Takers:  ACA Companies Addressing Covid-19
  • Roundtable - Should you go on the Board?
  • Momentary Angel Data and The Power of Connections Showcase powered by National Institutes of Health (NIH) Followed by Deep Dive Round Tables
  • Hot Topic: Anatomy of an SPV: 5 key areas of Expertise powered by Assure
  • Revolutionize Your Approach to Angel Investing powered by IOWNIt PLUS Standing Ovation: Luis Villalobos Award Ceremony
  • Roundtable - Angel Group Venture Capital Models
  • Roundtable - Essentials for Hiring and Firing the CEO
  • The Power of Connections Showcase powered by Keiretsu and SPROCKIT Followed by Deep Dive Round Tables
  • Acquirers Put a Hold on M&A: Now What?
  • Measuring Impact: Exploring Tools and Best Practices in Early Stage Impact Investing
  • Recent Federal Actions to Support Angels and Entrepreneurs during Economic Uncertainty
  • Improving Dealflow: What's the Future of Successful Syndication?
  • Married but Not Engaged: Strategies for Keeping Your Members Informed, Involved and Committed for the Long Term
  • The Future of Angel Ecosystems
  • Invention to Impact, featuring NSF’s Andrea Belz
  • Hot Topics - Understanding the Ride to Nasdaq and How Angels, Agencies, Platforms and Placements can Help along the Way
  • Hot Topics - Global Angel Updates from Africa, Amsterdam and Minnesota
  • Welcome and Looking Forward,  ACA Annual Meeting, and  A Dose of Inspiration: Hans Severiens Award Ceremony
  • Roundtable - Estimating Exit Potential
  • Roundtable - Trends in Valuation
  • The Power of Connections Showcase powered by Alberta Innovates, VentureWell & Greentown Labs Followed by Deep Dive Round Tables
  • Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Early-Stage Investing
  • Mending or Meddling?  How to Help Portfolio Companies in Trying Times
  • Royalty Based Investing: Improving Cash Flow and Liquidity
  • Avoiding Cramdowns During an Economic Downturn
  • Innovations in Impact Investing
  • Unconference: Have it Your Way