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ACA’s Innovation Funders Showcase (IFS) is like no other. This is not your traditional pitch event. The ACA community represents the most comprehensive investment segment of the early stage asset class with 250 Angel Groups representing more than 15,000 accredited investors. In a typical ACA Summit, investor representation exceeds 50% of our total group population. This means that investors are in attendance not only to make personal investment decisions, but also to bring the next hot commodity back to their home angel group for further investment consideration. We regularly see groups that received IFS exposure still getting screening invites from ACA member groups 12+ months after their initial pitch. ACA offers an incredibly efficient and economical path to capital that can pay dividends for months following the presentation.

Traditionally, IFS presenters have seen the increased brand awareness that fuels syndication opportunities throughout the country as evidenced by the fact that companies funded by ACA members have gone on to leverage that investment by a factor of 7 to 1 while securing additional funding.

One event, one presentation, unparalleled network… endless opportunities. Our IFS audience consists of the ACA members that are the network and fund leaders that represent the most serious and professional angels in the world. The influence of our investors is unparalleled.

Learn more about the ACA 2022 Nominating Companies presenting at the Innovation Funder Showcase.

 2022 Innovation Funders Showcase Flipbook