Propose a Session for the 2023 ACA Summit

Deadline: Friday, October 28 - 5:00 pm CT

ACA is asking members, partners, and past attendees to suggest breakout sessions for the event.  This is your opportunity to not only propose topics, but also to recommend speakers and how the topics will be presented.  We’re seeking your best education session ideas that are designed for angel investors, with varying levels of investment experiences and in a variety of sectors.

ACA 2023 Summit Basics:

  • Date and Location:  May 16-18, 2023: Las Vegas, NV (and ACA Angel University May 15-16)
  • Attendees:  700 people, made up of 80 percent angel investors mostly from North America, with representation of 30+ countries.  Other attendees include representatives of partner and sponsor organizations and guests from the startup support ecosystem.  The program is not open to entrepreneurs.
  • Event Purpose:  Gold standard professional development for investors and the supporting ecosystem to build their expertise and support of promising entrepreneurs – from deal selection through exit and to learn about trends and new ideas in early-stage investing.  The ACA Summit is also an environment to network with smart investors to build relationships for future sharing of ideas and investment knowledge and opportunities.
  • Concurrent Tracks:  We’ll have several concurrent tracks, each with multiple sessions.  Some tracks will last for only a portion of the event.  Your submissions will assist in deciding the event and track themes as well as sessions. 

Registration and Travel Info

ACA members selected to lead sessions are able to register for the ACA Summit at the reduced rate and are responsible for all related travel costs. Speakers in selected sessions may also receive a discounted registration rate, with the ability to bring in some outside experts with complimentary registration, both at ACA’s discretion.

Selection Process

Please submit your proposal by October 28, 2022 – 5:00 pm Central. You will be notified by Jan 1, 2023 on the status of your submission.

The ACA Summit committee will select final topics / speakers submitted by members and combine that with other sessions and keynote speakers to complete the final program for May 2023.  We anticipate a highly competitive group of submissions to review and choose from among the many excellent submissions we receive. If you should happen to be a presenter in more than one session that is chosen, it is highly likely that you’ll be asked to only participate in one of those sessions in order to maximize the number of speaking opportunities for others. 

Make your proposal stand out.  The committee will put a preference on quality, innovative ideas that support ACA member and early-stage ecosystem needs, and session structures that go beyond “panels”.  ACA Summit attendees have spoken and they like to see sessions that have a variety of structures – debates, audience-wide discussions led by a moderator, one speaker lectures, etc. – and which include lots of interaction with the audience.

Session Leader Expectations

If your proposal is accepted, you are expected to meet all posted dates and deadlines. We reserve the right to make adjustments to any session that does not meet deadlines.  Upon acceptance, ACA may modify the session to fit our overall attendee interests and needs, include a variety of voices and points of view, as well as marketing style and format guidelines. ACA also reserves the right to approve speakers and bring additional or supplemental experts for selected sessions.  There are two other important concepts to keep in mind:

  • Inclusion and Diversity – If the session includes multiple speakers, speakers should represent diversity of thought and opinion, gender, race, geography, and type of ACA member.
  • No Promotion Rule – ACA Summit sessions should be educational and provide opportunities for thought leadership.  Any content that appears to be promotional of a particular organization or person will not be selected.  The Summit planning committee will put a premium on quality control, ensuring the goal of top level educational content is met.

Questions:  If you have questions please contact Sarah Dickey