2019 ACA Summit Agenda

The Incredible Journey of Angel Investing –
at Home and Across the Globe

New topics, new speakers, 30 concurrent sessions, and keynote speakers like Hardik Bhatt, Leader of the Smart Cities Initiative for Amazon Web Services (and angel investor) and Carla Harris, Vice Chair of Global Wealth Management for Morgan Stanley.  Join ACA and 700+ angels for the gold standard professional conference for early-stage investors.  Take home valuable, practical ideas you can use in your own investing portfolio.

Hardik Bhatt,
Leader of the Smart Cities Initiative for Amazon Web Services
Carla Harris,
Vice Chair of Global Wealth Management for Morgan Stanley 

This year’s theme, “The Incredible Journey of Angel Investing,” takes ACA to new topics and worlds, literally.  About half of the sessions will be entirely new, so if you’ve been to previous ACA Summits, know that 2019 will be new – including private meetings with corporate acquirers, new (and fun) ways to meet colleague angels, and having professional industry analysts “tell all” about key industry sectors angels are now investing in.  Think about it:  are the kinds of companies you see today anything close to what you saw even five years ago? 

Here’s a quick summary of the agenda with more details here:

April 23, Noon-6:00         Optional Pre-Summit Programs (separate registration required)

April 24, 8:00-2:30            Optional Pre-Summit Programs (separate registration required)

April 24, 2:00-5:30            Orientation for New Summit Attendees (2:00)

                                           ACA Summit opens – Keynotes and Innovation Showcase (3:00)

April 24, 5:30-7:30            Opening Reception, chance to talk with Showcase companies

April 25, 7:00-5:30            ACA Summit

April 25, 5:30-7:00            Reception in Honor of Award Winners

April 26, 8:00-1:30            Breakfast, Keynotes, Plenaries and Track Sessions. 


Industry Analysts Tell All – sectors from startup to Fortune 500

  • IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Enterprise Blockchain
  • Food Technology

The World of Angel Investing

  • Macro perspective on diversifying your portfolio in other countries
  • Don’t be afraid of cross-border deals – how investors are really doing it
  • The impact of international investors in American deals – what it means for taxes and regulations (especially CFIUS)
  • What’s happening in Israel, China, India and Europe
  • Starting deals more cheaply in international countries and bringing them to North America

The Latest in Impact Investing

  • What exactly is impact investing?
  • Measuring impact – and returns
  • Successful impact investments – case studies
  • Funding international impact companies

Investing and Thriving in a Chaotic Economy

  • How company boards prepare for a downturn
  • Strategies for protecting your investments in a recession

Angel Building Blocks

  • Learning from data – exits in my portfolio and the common themes we saw
  • Positioning companies for exits
  • My biggest investor mistakes … so far (John Lilly, Lateral Capital)
  • How to negotiate a win-win-win for everyone in a deal
  • How to evaluate strategy in due diligence
  • Effectively commercializing technologies from universities, laboratories and corporations

Smart Practices for Angel Organizations and Leaders

  • Data-driven member engagement
  • Tracking portfolio metrics between different industry sectors
  • Providing individual investor statements for each member to understand their returns, understand investment behavior and make adjustments
  • How changing group’s reputation and processes increased membership and deal flow (Tech Coast Angels)
  • How syndication initiatives are making a difference for deals and ACA members
  • Recruiting family offices as members and syndication partners
The Summit venue is the Sheraton Grand Chicago, 301 East North Water Street.